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Delhi University Solved Question Papers and Notes Semester 4 Paper 10 Background Prose Readings

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  • Chapter 1

    Introduction to The Background Readings

    As students of literature, one of the things you are expected to know is the context from which your text comes. This means that you read the text itself of course, the play, poem, novel or short story, but you also read other kinds of texts around it, so that you get a more complete picture of what the dominant ideas of the time were.

  • Chapter 2

    Marx- Background Readings Notes With Solved Question Papers

    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Selections from A Reader in Marxist Philosophy

    • Historical Consciousness
    • Modes of Production
    • Class Structure
    • Ideology
  • Chapter 3

    Mill- Background Readings NotesWith Solved Question Papers

    1.  Utilitarianism
    2.  Essentialism
    3.  Suffregette Movement
    4.  Feminism
  • Chapter 4

    Darwin- Background Readings NotesWith Solved Question Papers

    1. Common Descent
    2.  Sexual selection
    3.  Survival of the Fittest
    4.  Evolution
  • Chapter 5

    Arnold- Background Readings Notes

    The points this section are:

    1. Sweetness and Light
    2. Doing as One Likes
    3. Hellenism and Hebraism
    4. But One Thing is Needful (Unum est Necessarium)

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