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Delhi University Solved Question Papers Semester 2 Paper 4 Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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  • Chapter 1

    Macbeth by William Shakespeare Solved Question Papers Part 14

    1. Give an account of the Character of Macbeth in the play Macbeth.


    2. Is Macbeth a tragic hero? Comment.


    3. Do you think that Macbeth is a victim of his own ambition? Or do you think there are other factors contributing to his downfall? Elaborate.

  • Chapter 2

    Macbeth by William Shakespeare Solved Question Papers Part 24

    1. Critically analyse the character of Lady Macbeth.


    Lady Macbeth is first seen, at her reading the news of her husbands success at war and he recounts in the meeting with the weird sisters. Lady Macbeth now knows that Macbeth was promised Cawdor and he has got it, she takes this to mean that he will also now get the throne of Scotland which was similarly promised. At this instant the messenger comes in with news that the King will be staying with them tonight, and immediately her plans begin to hatch.

  • Chapter 3

    Macbeth by William Shakespeare Solved Question Papers Part 34

    1. What role do the three witches have in the play?


    The play Macbeth opens with the three witches, who plan to meet with Macbeth once the battle is done. They are clearly outside the parameters of the battle and its participants. They indicate that they have no interest in the battle by calling it a 'hurly-burly'. The battle itself is being fought to restore the natural order of things, as the rebellion against the throne has being quelled by 'brave Macbeth'.

  • Chapter 4

    Macbeth by William Shakespeare Solved Question Papers Part 44

    1. Give a detailed character sketch of King Duncan.

    2. Write a short note on the character of Macduff and Malcom.

    3. “Unnatural deeds/Do breed unnatural troubles.” - in the light of this quote from Macbeth, Discuss the play as underlining the need for natural order.

    4. Macbeth is a play about crime and punishment, do you agree? Give a reasoned answer.

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