If Maruti Suzuki has its way, then the new generation of the Dzire should be your stepping stone into the world of indulgence. From the carefully arranged chocolates and mini doughnuts in the hotel room to the very selection of the hotel – W Goa – a fabulous modern property perched atop a hill overlooking the expanse of the Arabian Sea, to the humongous spread that was laid out for the dinner, it was an experience in indulgence. Given how much of the seafood I piled on to my plate followed by generous helpings of haleem, some might even have called it gluttony. But indulgence it certainly was, and that is precisely the point that Maruti Suzuki was trying to emphasise – the new Dzire is the stepping stone to indulgence. But wasn’t the Dzire always about appealing to the head over the heart? Not too long ago, its appeal was encapsulated in the now iconic ‘kitna deti hai’ line, but true to Nobel winning Dylan’s words, “the times, they are a changin’.”