It’s not a car. It’s not an SUV. Neither is it an MPV. A straight off comparison test doesn’t really work for the Tata Hexa. You’d obviously compare it with the Innova Crysta but even before you read the verdict you can conclude that the Hexa is less of a people mover and more of an SUV. You will take it touring so we pitted it against what we think is the most comfortable SUV you can buy today. You will drive it in the city so we set out to find how much longer a big crossover takes on the city commute over a tiny city car. You might take it (a bit) off-road so we pitted it against a Duster AWD, our benchmark for soft-roading. We even attempt to answer the age-old car versus SUV question. And then the most important question, can it be a serious contender for the Indian Car of the Year. Time to ring the bell for seven rounds with obvious and not so obvious rivals.