In the second half of September 2016, I very nonchalantly drove to a place called Gonikoppal in Karnataka in the Safari that’s seen in these pages. We do a lot of travel stories at evo India and every one is unique but with the Safari, we were pushing further and driving to hard-to-find places. After a long day at the wheel, we stayed the night in Gonikoppal. The next morning we proceeded an hour and a half south of this place to our first adventure in the Safari. We drove through a river and explored jungle trails, got bitten by leeches and got the Safari sideways too for kicks. After so much fun, I was looking forward to the series of stories coming up. We drove to Bangalore the next day, and on our way, there was a road block. The police informed us that we couldn’t proceed because there was a curfew. We assumed it would be in one of the passing towns so we took a detour, drove through a small village and joined the highway a little ahead only to find another roadblock. This time there was no police, only angry protesters were burning logs. After calling a few friends, we found out that the Kaveri river dispute had put this part of the state on high alert. We were unfortunately in the middle of it.