This book comprises of sixteen chapters, each dealing with an administrative thinker. It has been taken care of that all the thinkers which are taught at graduate and post-graduate level in the universities in India are included. Discussions have been built to accommodate all the relevant conceptual constructs of these thinkers from public administration perspectives. The language has been kept suitable and illustrations have been introduced to make it easier for the students to grasp the theme.
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  • Language: English
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  • Chapter 1

    Kautilya Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Kautilya was one of the leading thinkers of ancient India. His seminal work, Arthashastra, is rated as a treatise on political science and statecraft. Historians, however, still continue to debate who Kautilya was, where was he born and whether the Arthashastra was actually written by him or someone else....
  • Chapter 2

    Woodrow Wilson 18561924 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Woodrow Wilson is rated among one of the finest presidents the United States of America has ever produced. Wilson was born in Virginia, in December 1856, in a wealthy and politically active family and spent his early childhood in Georgia and South Carolina.
  • Chapter 3

    Frederick W Taylor 18561915 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Frederick W. Taylor, popularly known as the father of scientific management, was born at Germantown in Philadelphia, in a relatively rich family, on March 20, 1856.
  • Chapter 4

    Henri Fayol 18411925 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Henri Fayol was a French mining engineer. Though his achievements as an engineer were no less commendable,1 he is known more as a management theorist.
  • Chapter 5

    George Elton Mayo 18801949 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    George Elton Mayo was an Australian, born in 1880 at Adelaide. He was trained in several subjects like Logic, Philosophy, Medicine, and Psychology.
  • Chapter 6

    Max Weber 18641920 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Max Weber was one of the finest minds of his time. His writings indeed have enriched a wide range of disciplines of knowledge and made a timeless impact on academic discourses all over the world.
  • Chapter 7

    Fred W Riggs 19172008 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    The homepage of Riggs’ website carries the logo of a prism encircled by a snake. This is a carefully crafted combination of symbols.
  • Chapter 8

    Abraham Maslow 19081970 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Abraham Harold Maslow popular for propounding the need-hierarchy theory of motivation was an American psychologist.
  • Chapter 9

    Frederick Herzberg 19232000 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Frederick Herzberg was a clinical psychologist born in Massachusetts, USA, on April 18, 1923.
  • Chapter 10

    Chester Irving Barnard 18861961 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Chester Irving Barnard was born on November 7, 1886 in Malden, Massachusetts in America in a poor family.
  • Chapter 11

    Chris Argyris 19232013 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    hris Argyris is an American organizational psychologist. He was born in Newark, a place in New Jersey, on July 16, 1923.
  • Chapter 12

    Herbert A Simon 19162001 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Herbert Alexander Simon was a multifaceted American social scientist. Born on June 15, 1916, Milwaukee did his schooling from a public school before he could join the University of Chicago from where he graduated in political science in 1936 and completed his doctorate in the same discipline in 1943..
  • Chapter 13

    Mary Parker Follett Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Mary Parker Follett was an American political scientist and a management thinker. An author rightly commented that she carried several hats at the same time.
  • Chapter 14

    Douglas McGregor 19061964 Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Douglas McGregor, popularly known as Doug among the students and faculty of Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT), where he served as a faculty member for over a decade, was a great management thinker...
  • Chapter 15

    Rensis Likert Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Rensis Likert has been one of the most powerful management thinkers of the 20th century...
  • Chapter 16

    Peter Drucker Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Peter Drucker is considered as one of the most powerful and popular thinkers on management science of the twentieth century.

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