The State of Utah is the last place that you would expect to find a Unicorn, not the mythical kind but the ones that are the rage in Silicon Valley. Turns out it is not only mountain ranges that abound there but multi-billion dollar startups as well. Ryan Smith, co-founder of Qualtrics plays host to both. His office has snow-capped mountains as a backdrop and his experience management company’s last capital raising round valued it at $2.5 billion. Not bad for a startup which spent countless nights in a basement wondering if it would live to see another day. Except its humble beginning, Qualtrics breaks all the norms associated with a successful startup. It is founded and run by a family, it established itself by selling to academia and it restrained from raising capital as long as it could. And when it went out to seek funding none other than Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital came calling. Customer- centricity defines it but as Ryan and his elder brother Jared work on catapulting Qualtrics to the next level, its core values of scrappiness, transparency and teamwork will hold it in good stead.