Giving money advice in fun ways is now becoming the coolest thing ever. Ask a frugality guru who retired at the age of 30 with savings from his first job that he multiplied into a quarter of a million dollars in 5 years. Or a leading expert on women and wealth, who is also a bestselling author but learned about finance management after being left high and dry when her husband disappeared. He’d gambled away their life savings and left the country, leaving her in sky-high debt and with 3 young daughters to care for. Or just hop into another lady’s ‘bar’ in a 45-foot school bus, if you want a shot of impactful financial advice. Are you looking for financial gurus who are willing to teach you how to be wiser with your cash, without asking for any of it in return? We’ve got them all just waiting to show you how to save smarter, spend less, and earn more.

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Simona Terron