Why I pray to an elephant headed god Culture

Why I Pray To An Elephant Headed God

by Divya Unny  |  14-September-2016
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Its festival time in India, a time when gods are celebrated the most. However I grew up in a family where idol worship though prevalent was never forced. I was free to light the lamp in the temple if I wished to, but it was never a compulsion. My faith towards a supreme power or my reasons to believe in one stems purely from my own experiences. There were also times I questioned the idea of idol worship, and discovered my own reasons for it. Among them was my first introduction to fiction, by Indian mythological texts that carried epic stories of these gods and goddesses. As a young girl I’d wait with bated breath to listen to yet another story of Ganesh got his elephant head or Shiva danced the dance of death. It was fodder in too many ways for the artist in me and still is.

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