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Object Oriented Programming Question Bank - Aryabhatta Knowledge University

Object Oriented Programming Question Bank - Aryabhatta Knowledge University
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  • Publisher: Glossaread
  • Language: English
  • Content Type: Question bank
  • Chapter 1

    Unit - 1 Introduction to C

    The unit outlines the concept of object oriented technology and advantages of using object oriented technology. This unit introduces students with basic concepts of C++ which will require for writing program.

  • Chapter 2

    Unit - 2 Control Structures

    The unit goes on to brief series of need of control structures and advantages of control structure. In this unit decision making statements are mentioned, which consists of branching and looping types.

  • Chapter 3

    Unit - 3 Functions

    The unit outlines the functions. Program using functions improves reusability of code. This function unit helps to write user defined functions, different types of functions, void and value returning functions.

  • Chapter 4

    Unit - 4 Classes and Data Abstraction

    The unit is about basic concepts of class in C++.It specifies operations on classes, objects and members of class. This unit provides details of operators and classes, constructor and destructor with accessor and mutator functions.

  • Chapter 5

    Unit - 5 Overloading and Templates

    This unit gives introduction of operator overloading and templates. This is helpful to understand how to overload operators. It defines class templates and function templates with its advantages.

  • Chapter 6

    Unit - 6 Inheritance

    The unit details the concept of inheritance. Inheritance is the characteristic of C++.It introduces students with single and multiple inheritance, pointers and inheritance with other basic concepts of inheritance.

  • Chapter 7

    Unit - 7 Pointers and Arrays

    The unit outline the basic use of pointer is to access memory location of variable. This unit describes understanding of different types of pointers and use of pointers with arrays.

  • Chapter 8

    Unit - 8 Exception Handling

    The unit goes on describe exception handling, a characteristic of C++. It is used to handle run time generated errors. It provides keywords to handle exception and exception handling techniques.