This book is an outcome of my teaching experience over many years. Written primarily for the undergraduate students in civil engineering, it is proposed to present the art and science of concrete in simple, clear and scientific manner. The book completely covers the syllabus prescribed by West Bengal University and Technology and fulfils the dire need of suitable and simplified book on this topic. The main purpose of the book is to develop a sound understanding of the central concepts of concrete technology.
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    Chapter 1 - Concrete Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Concrete is used in structures like bridges or buildings, highways or dams. In order to use concrete satisfactorily, both the designer and the contractor need to be familiar with concrete technology. There are two commonly used structural materials, Concrete & steel. They sometimes complement one another. The man on the job needs to know more about concrete. It is possible to obtain concrete of specified quality. It is only the raw material that is bought transporting, placing and compacting greatly influence the final product. The selection of s cannot be made without a sound knowledge of the properties and behaviour of concrete.

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    Chapter 2 - Portland Cement Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Portland Cement with different chemical composition may be exhibited different properties. It should thus be possible to select mixtures of raw materials for the production of cements with various desired properties. Several types of Portland Cement are available in the market and additional special cements can be produced for special uses.

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    It can be classified as (i) Normal weight aggregates, (ii) Light weight aggregates and (iii) Heavy weight aggregates. Normal weight aggregates can be further classified as (a) Natural aggregates and (b) Artificial aggregates.

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    Fresh concrete should be easy to mix, compact and finish as well as it must remain free from segregation during operations which may be termed as ‘workability’. Slump test is carried to have a rough estimate of the workability of the concrete.

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    The strength of concrete depends on the effective water/cement ratio. It is calculated on the basis of the mix water less the water absorbed by the aggregate. Strength of concrete primarily depends upon the strength of cement paste. The strength of paste increases with cement content and decreases with air and water content.

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    Admixture is defined as a material, other than cement, water and aggregates. It is used as an ingredient of concrete. Admixtures are added to modify the important properties of concrete in the fresh or hardened state of concrete.

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    Some important test on CementConcrete

    This document contains Some important test on Cement/Concrete.

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