A Text Book Of Engineering Mathematics Sem 1
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  • Publisher: Laxmi Publications
  • Language: English
  • ISBN : 978-81-318-0553-4
  • Chapter 1

    Differential calculusi Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Leibnitz's theorem, Partial derivatives, Euler's theorem for homogeneous functions, Total derivatives, Change of variables, Curve tracing: Cartesian and Polar coordinates.
  • Chapter 2

    Differential calculusii Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Taylor's and Maclaurin's Theorems, Expansion of function of several variables, Jacobian, Approximation of errors, Extrema of functions of several variables, Lagrange's method of multipliers (Simple applications).
  • Chapter 3

    Linear algebra Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Inverse of a matrix by elementary transformations, Rank of a matrix (Echelon and Normal form), Linear dependence, Consistency of linear system of equations and their solution. Characteristic equation, Eigen values and eigen vectors, Cayley-Hamilton Theorem. A brief introduction to vector spaces, subspaces. Rank and Nullity. Linear transformations.
  • Chapter 4

    Multiple integrals Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Double and triple integrals, Change of order of integration, Change of variables, Application of integration to lengths, Volumes and Surface areas - Cartesian and Polar coordinates. Beta and Gamma functions, Dirichlet's integral and applications.
  • Chapter 5

    Vector calculus Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Point function, Gradient, Divergence and Curl and their physical interpretations, Vector identities, Directional derivatives. Line, Surface and Volume integrals, Applications of Green's, Stoke's and Gauss divergence theorems (without proofs).

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