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  • Chapter 1

    Differential equations Price 9.00  |  9 Rewards Points

    A differential equation is an equation involving differentials or differential coefficients. Or An equation involving the dependent variable, independent variable and the differential coefficient (or coefficients) of the dependent variable with respect to the independent variable (or variables) is known as a differential equation
  • Chapter 2

    Series solution and special functions Price 9.00  |  9 Rewards Points

    The solution of ordinary linear differential equations of second order with variable coefficients in the form of an infinite convergent series is called solution in series or integration in series. The series solution of certain differential equations give rise to special functions such as Bessel's function, Legendre's polynomials, Laguerre's polynomial, Hermite's polynomial, Chebyshev polynomials. These special functions have wide applications in engineering. In this unit, we will discuss methods of solution of second order linear differential equations with variable coefficients in series along with Bessel's function, Legendre's polynomial and their properties.
  • Chapter 3

    Laplace transform Price 9.00  |  9 Rewards Points

  • Chapter 4

    Fourier series and partial differential equations Price 9.00  |  9 Rewards Points

  • Chapter 5

    Applications of partial differential equations Price 9.00  |  9 Rewards Points


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