The rapid sale of the twelfth edition has encouraged me to bring in the thirteenth edition well in time. I express my sincerest thanks to the readers. I am grateful to all the professors who have patronised the book and pointed out certain missing topics for K.U.K. The needful has been done. The overwhelming response has prompted me to thoroughly revise the book again. In the present edition, many new types of questions have been added in examples as well as in exercises. A separate exercise has been provided for Fourier Integrals. The following topics have been added: (i) De Moivre’s Theorem (ii) Probability Distribution of a Continuous Variable (iii) Dual Simplex Method (iv) Conformal Transformation (For K.U.K. only) There are some changes in the syllabus also. Question 1 has been made compulsory. It is based on Short Answer Questions from all the four sections. Appendix-I contains 212 questions of this type. In the present form the book will be more useful. I thank my student Sandeep Yadav for checking all answers and pointing out some printing errors. All suggestions for the improvement of the book will be highly appreciated and gratefully acknowledged.
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  • Publisher: Laxmi Publications
  • Language: English
  • ISBN : 978-81-318-0493-3
  • Chapter 1

    Fourier series Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Euler’s formulae. Conditions for Fourier expansions, Fourier expansion of functions having points of discontinuity, change of interval. Odd and even functions, Half- range series
  • Chapter 2

    Fourier transforms Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Fourier integrals, Fourier transforms, Fourier cosine and sine transforms. Properties of Fourier transforms, Convolution theorem, Perseval’s identity, Relation between Fourier and Laplace transforms, Fourier transforms of the derivatives of a function, Application to boundary value problems
  • Chapter 3

    Functions of a complex variable Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Functions of a complex variable, Exponential function, Trigonometric, Hyperbolic and Logarithmic functions, limit and continuity of a function, Differentiability and analyticity.
  • Chapter 4

    Power series & contour integration Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Power Series & Contour Integration
  • Chapter 5

    Probability distributions Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Probability, Baye’s theorem, Discrete and Continuous probability distributions, Moment generating function. Probability generating function, Properties and applications of Binomial, Poisson and normal distributions
  • Chapter 6

    Hypothesis testing Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Hypothesis Testing
  • Chapter 7

    Linear programming Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Linear programming problems formulation, Solution of Linear Programming Problem using Graphical method. Simplex Method, Dual-Simplex Method.

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