'Discrete Structures' has been written according to the latest syllabi for B.Tech. & M.C.A. courses of Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, Uttar Pardesh Technical University, Lucknow and other technical universities of India. The previous years university questions papers have also been solved in each chapter of this book. All the problems have been solved systematically and logically so that even an ordinary student can know the techniques to solve the mathematical and computational problems independently. The book covers but is not limited to the following topics: • Basic Counting Principles • Inclusion-Exclusion Principle • Recurrence relations and their solutions by generating functions • Groups and its applications in coding theory • Rings • Boolean algebra and its applications in logic circuits and switching designs • Graphs and its applications in Computer Science
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  • Publisher: Laxmi Publications
  • Language: English
  • ISBN : 978-93-80386-35-5