This is not another book on self-development. It is an exclusive resource book on Life Skills devised from about 20 years of research on several thousands of people of all professions. Undoubtedly, to become an achiever, one needs to possess the ‘WILL’! Thousands of books are written to motivate people to aspire with ‘WILL’. But unfortunately, ‘will’ alone will not be able to make anyone an achiever without the know-how to pursue it. And that is, the SKILL! Very few are blessed with these skills as inborn abilities. However, in my experience as a trainer and counsellor for several thousands of people of all professions, I had been able to help them acquire extraordinary skills and excel in their endeavours. Even an ordinary person could become extraordinary through these unique life skills. Fortunately, all these skills are very practical, simple and down-to-earth. At the same time, every skill is scientific and very effective. Whether you are outstanding or mediocre, when you use these skills, you will be able to execute your work more effectively, more so, effortlessly. When you read it, you will find every page in this book invaluable. Overall, the book consists of 101 wonderful life skills.
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  • Publisher: Laxmi Publications
  • Language: English
  • Chapter 1

    How to Excel in Life Price 4.00  |  4 Rewards Points

    How to Excel in Life Effortlessly? What Life Skills this Book Deals with?
  • Chapter 2

    Set Your GOAL Price 4.00  |  4 Rewards Points

    Symptoms of Lack of Clarity of Goal How to Set a Goal! Why Many People are not Focused! How to Focus! The Best and Your Best! Common Goal! Fate and Destiny
  • Chapter 3

    Programming the Mind Price 4.00  |  4 Rewards Points

    Conscious and Subconscious Mind. Programming the Subconscious Auto-suggestions Self-hypnosis Auto-commands Negative Programming
  • Chapter 4

    Work Effectiveness Price 4.00  |  4 Rewards Points

    Breathing is Everything States of Mind Why a Person Loses Concentration Concentration Techniques
  • Chapter 5

    Instant Energy Techniques Price 4.00  |  4 Rewards Points

    Introduction Techniques Feeling
  • Chapter 6

    Early to Rise and Early to Sleep Price 4.00  |  4 Rewards Points

    How to Wake up Early! Tuning of Mind Activation of Body Activation of Brain How to fall Asleep Fast! Yogic Methods
  • Chapter 7

    Brain Activation Price 4.00  |  4 Rewards Points

    Functions of the Brain How to Activate the Brain! How to Shift Breathing Pattern! How to Release Stuffy Nose Block! Brain Activation for Exams
  • Chapter 8

    Memory Techniques Price 4.00  |  4 Rewards Points

    The Power of the Brain Why do People Forget? Rote Memory Technique Memory Mnemonics Creative Memory Techniques Long-term Memory

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