This book has been designed to provide a compact state of the art resource for graduate and postgraduate nursing students, clinical nurses, nurse practitioners and clinicians. It presents a balanced and objective description of socioeconomic and clinical problems of children and their remedies. The book describes the concepts, principles, theories, assessing and measuring of growth and development from newborn to adolescent period.
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  • Chapter 1

    Growth and Development Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    The concepts of growth and development are fundamental to the practice of paediatric nursing. Throughout the periods of child development, major milestones are accomplished. For each of these development periods, important aspects of care involving such topics as nutrition, language, safety and discipline must be addressed.
  • Chapter 2

    Paediatric Assessment Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Health assessment includes a discussion of growth pattern and nutrition as well as an examination of body systems. Our first task is to establish a good rapport with the child and his parents. When you talk to the child, you should show the empathy, understanding and use appropriate language according to the age. Children who comes to the hospital or clinic are frightened at first, then you play with the children for a while so that they may become calm and fearful. So nurses consider using toys or other play materials to communicate with the child. Before examining the child talk to him about toys, hobbies, pets or other subjects he is interested in and encourage his friendship with compliments.
  • Chapter 3

    Care of Neonates with Common Health Problems Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Preterm infant is an infant born before the end of 37 completed week gestation (child born prior to the estimated date of delivery).
  • Chapter 4

    Care of Newborn with Common Congenital Anomalies Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Many congenital abnormalities can nowadays be treated surgically. A list of the more common types is of interest and some knowledge of them may lead to keener observation even in a maternity, neonatal ward or medical paediatric ward.
  • Chapter 5

    Altered Respiratory Conditions Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Altered Respiratory Conditions
  • Chapter 6

    Altered Cardiovascular Functions Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    After the umbilical cord has been cut, the newborn must quickly adapt to receive oxygen from the lungs. The transition from foetal to pulmonary circulation occurs in just a few hours. During foetal circulation, the constricted pulmonary vessels limit blood flow to the lungs (high pulmonary vascular resistance). Blood, however, flows easily to the extremities because systemic vascular resistance is low. The foramen ovule, an opening between the atria in the foetal heart, allows blood to flow from the right to the left atrium. Systemic vascular resistance increases after the umbilical cord is cut, causing a backup of blood flow. The pressure in the left side of the heart increases stimulating closure of the foramen ovule. Once breathing has been initiated, the lungs expand and pulmonary vascular resistance falls. Blood that was previously shunted through the ductus arteriosus to the aorta flows to the lungs.
  • Chapter 7

    Altered Gastrointestinal Functions Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Altered Gastrointestinal Functions
  • Chapter 8

    Altered Genitourinary Functions Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Altered Genitourinary Functions
  • Chapter 9

    Altered Neurological Conditions Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Altered Neurological Conditions
  • Chapter 10

    Altered Musculoskeletal Conditions Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    To perform a visual examination of the interior of a joint with a fiber—optic endoscope.
  • Chapter 11

    Altered Haematological Conditions Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Altered Haematological Conditions
  • Chapter 12

    Common Oncological Conditions in Children Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Common Oncological Conditions in Children
  • Chapter 13

    altered endocrine conditions Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    altered endocrine conditions
  • Chapter 14

    Care of Children with hivaids Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Care of Children with hiv/aids

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