Doing something objectionable to the society is generally regarded a mistake. Doing something not permitted under law is considered a crime. Similarly, doing something not permitted under the religion is considered a sin. Whether we commit a mistake, a crime, or a sin, we stand to lose not only our reputation and incur some financial loss, but we may also have some mental distress. Unless we are able to satisfy others that we are right we can t claim to be right. Yet we may also have to do some things that are normally not permitted, due to some reasons of our own. But as long as we are not expected to compensate for the loss anybody may incur due to such an action and we don't compensate the affected person, we would be considered to have committed a mistake. If we ever commit a mistake it only shows that we had not been as cautious as we should have been. Of course, the mistakes make us more cautious for the future. But it is not enough to depend only on our own mistakes. We should also learn lessons from the mistakes committed by others. This book begins with the story of a girl who reposed too much confidence in her inner voice. She married a boy without even ascertaining his family background. No wonder, it became too late by the time she could realize that our inner voice can mislead us also. In this manner the author has covered several real-life stories to make the reader aware of the type of mistakes some people have committed in their life.
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  • Publisher: Laxmi Publications
  • Language: English
  • ISBN : 978-93-81159-22-4
  • Chapter 1

    Story of a Young Girl who Ruined Her Life by Marrying a Wrong Boy Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Since we have no mechanism to know what type of life we would be leading after marriage we generally base our decision of marriage only on a hunch.
  • Chapter 2

    Story of the Families of Gladys Rozin and Barry Fisher Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    This is a real story which tells us how under similar circumstances, one family got ruined while the other family didn’t. Obviously the family that got ruined didn’t know how to handle the crisis, while the other family knew.
  • Chapter 3

    Story of Hindi Poet Tulsidas Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    What we achieve in our life depends to a good extent on the way we react to various ugly situations that may arise in our life. Here is a story that tells us how.
  • Chapter 4

    Story of the Great Sanskrit Poet Kalidas Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Kalidas is known for having been found sitting on the exterior side of a branch of a tree while cutting it with his axe by the pundits who were on a look out for a man about whom they wanted to convince the ablest lady of those days to be the most eligible young man she could find for her marriage.
  • Chapter 5

    Story of the Mother of Pandavas Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Within the epic “Mahabharata”, we get fine example of poor parenting. We can take a lesson from this epic which was pertinent not only during the days of Mahabharata, it has not lost its pertinence even today.
  • Chapter 6

    Story of Karyl Chastain Beal Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    I picked up this story from the book, “Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul”. This is a story Karyl Chastain Beal wrote to make the people aware of the importance of keeping themselves well knitted with their children so that they too may not commit the mistake she had committed.
  • Chapter 7

    Story on Existence of a Super Judicial System in The World Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    It is generally believed that whosoever created the Universe, also created a judicial system to ensure that the defaulters may get punished and the clear conscious people who get unduly punished may get rewarded. But because this system sometimes rewards or punishes the next of the kin instead of the persons who may have defaulted or got unduly punished, we often tend to lose faith in the existence of a system of this type.
  • Chapter 8

    Story of Shakya Muni Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    It is true that everybody has to die someday but when somebody dies when he is at the threshold of becoming the sole earning member of a family, such loss generally creates immense emotional stress in the family. We generally call such a death an untimely death.
  • Chapter 9

    Role of Destiny in Alfred Nobels Life Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    We should remember the words of Robert Collier “All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man, who persists through the bad luck and keeps right on going, is the man who is there when the good luck comes and is ready to receive it.” We always have some ups and downs in our life. We commit fewer mistakes when we pass through a lucky period of our life.
  • Chapter 10

    Story of Shalik Yadav Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    This incident relates to Shalik Yadav, who had a grocery shop in the Nilmatha Ibrahimpur locality of the Cantonment area of Lucknow.
  • Chapter 11

    Story of Avinash Mahajan who Got Slaughtered in his Factory Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    I still shudder with awe whenever I recall the ghastly incident of the murder of one of my colleague, Avinash Mahajan in 1991. He was the Works Manager of the “Die Casting Shop” of Scooters India Limited, Lucknow.
  • Chapter 12

    Story of the Young Executive Manjunath Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    When we are young the people who have been taught to lead an ethical life at home, are generally not able to tolerate that some body may sell adulterated goods to people without their knowledge that they have been sold adulterated goods.
  • Chapter 13

    Stories of the Mothers of Thomas Alva Edison and Albert Einstein Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Same school. Same college. Just think, how is it that some of the students of the same school and same college become big inventors, big scientists, big industrialists or big politicians. But the rest of them are not able to attain any significant status in their lives. What are the factors that make some of the students, big names but every one does not make a mark in the world?
  • Chapter 14

    Story of Wilma Rudolfs Parents Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    While all parents want to take the best care of their children, sometimes they are so hard pressed by their job commitments that it becomes difficult for them to find sufficient time for them. The children in such cases feel neglected and they even start doubting whether they really love them or only feign to love them.
  • Chapter 15

    Kathy Johnson Gales Story Blameless Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Many of us reason out why we should not condemn our parents even if they did not look after us well during our childhood. This story tells why we should not blame them. There are parents who do not blame their children even if they may commit some blunder. In such cases don’t you think the children should also reciprocate the same gesture to them?
  • Chapter 16

    Jack Griffins Story Its Ok My Son Everybody Does it Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    It is surprising that many parents want to follow some other pattern of attitudes for themselves than the pattern they want their children to follow. This is not the right way of teaching the children the type of attitudes they should have. This story of Jack Griffin sent a strong message to the parents for not adopting double standards of attitudes: one for themselves and another for the children. This is not the way they can teach the children how to get work done through fair means.
  • Chapter 17

    Story of the Principal of a Missionary School of Odisha Orissa Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    When we are born we don’t know to which school our parents would send us for studies. We don’t know what type of school it would be. Nor do we know who will be the teachers or the principal of the school. Generally the parents decide the school where they can send us, according to their financial status and the transport arrangements they can afford.
  • Chapter 18

    Story of an Examiner who used to Play with the Destinies of the Students Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Here is a story that tells how people sometimes become indiscriminate even when they do not intend to be indiscriminate. The circumstances make them indiscriminate. The story tells how such instances can affect the careers of a score of innocent people for no fault of theirs.
  • Chapter 19

    Story of a Brahmin who could not Annoy Lord Buddha by Abusing Him Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Different people act in a different way when they get annoyed and are not in a position to take any retaliatory action against the person who may have annoyed them. While some people decide to take a revenge later on when they may be in a position to take revenge, some people remain calm even when somebody tries his or her best to annoy them. They do not lose their temperament.
  • Chapter 20

    Story on Importance of Learning Good Manners in Life Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    This story tells why it is more important to learn good manners than just getting high academic or professional qualifications. Some highly qualified people also fail in life because they don’t know how to behave at the workplace.
  • Chapter 21

    Life of Louis Braille Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    There are so many handicapped persons who can also achieve the goals they may set for themselves if they have strong will power to achieve the goals. When we think of the people of this type the name of Louis Braille flashes immediately across our mind. He is known all over the world for the system known as Braille System.
  • Chapter 22

    Story of the Servant who Kept on Giving Pain Relieving Drops to Our Son Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    I shifted from the Tiruchirappali Unit of Bharat Heavy Electricals to its Ranipur Unit in 1971. My wife, who was working as doctor at the Tiruchirappalli Unit also shifted to Ranipur along with me. Both of us were going to get our time-scale promotions within a year or so.
  • Chapter 23

    Our Miseries have no Tie-Up with Raahu Kaal or Ketu Kaal Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    R aahu Kaal and Ketu Kaal are the periods during which some people hesitate to begin any auspicious work. They think that they can stave off their troubles by not taking any major decisions of life during Raahu Kaal and not starting journey to any new place during Ketu Kaal .
  • Chapter 24

    Story of a Hairline Crack in Bone Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Though scientists have explored several secrets of Nature they have yet to find out several secrets that evade exposure. For instance, we still don’t know what type of navigation system the honey bees use to come back to their own honey combs even after having flown sometimes two to three kilometers away from their honey combs to collect the nectar of flowers.
  • Chapter 25

    Story on Hiring Servants without Verifying their Credentials Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    In November, 2009 the news of a working couple of Mumbai had appeared in the media which shocked the whole country. This couple had hired a lady to look after their small baby girl at their home when they were both away.
  • Chapter 26

    Story of an Australian Lady who had Come to India for Spiritual Enlightenment Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    If you want to travel to a country alone you should be cautious about the level of safety you could expect in that country so that you do not become a victim of some mishap of the type this Australian lady, who had come to India for spiritual enlightenment, had become.
  • Chapter 27

    An Accident that Took Place on a Busy Road of Lucknow Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    It is not necessary that we may get some punishment only when we ourselves commit a mistake. We may get punished for the negligence or mistake of others as well.
  • Chapter 28

    Story of a Newborn Baby Recovered from a Garbage Bin in Mumbai Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    There are several incidents that establish that we pass through several incidents when we have a close shave with death but we don’t die. We escape death sometimes due to our own intelligence and sometimes due to the intelligence of others. Sometimes even the circumstances help us to escape death.
  • Chapter 29

    Story of a German Farmer who Had Kept Lot of Money over the Kitchen Shelf Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    This is an interesting story that tells why we should not be careless in our life. Every instance of carelessness may get translated into a loss as had happened in the case of this farmer.
  • Chapter 30

    Story of a Lewd Bureaucrat and His Daughter Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Children generally don’t tolerate illegitimate relationships of their parents. Parents also don’t want their children or spouses to know that they have illicit relations with some one. This story tells how shocked they feel when their children or spouses happen to know of such of their relations.
  • Chapter 31

    Story of Lals Pathological Lab Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    This is an incident that shows how important is it to give unflinching support to the head of the family even when some such mishap may occur that may have brought his name to disrepute. Fidelity cements a marriage and infidelity undermines its stability.
  • Chapter 32

    Story of a Man who Wanted to be Sure before Blaming his Wife Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Though we can learn from the mistakes committed by others we can also learn from the mistakes others may not be committing.
  • Chapter 33

    Story of Warren Buffetts Second Marriage Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    May be due to a feeling of aloofness or whatsoever reason, it is seen that many of even financially well-off people sometimes don’t lead a happy life. How aloofness enters their life? Even though they may not be short of money, but something makes them unhappy. The reasons may be quite diverse. Obviously they miss something in their life.
  • Chapter 34

    Story of a Quack Doctor whose Patient Got Cured even by a Wrong Medicine Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    T his is a story of a quack doctor, who used to practice in 1950’s in a small town of Uttar Pradesh, Khurja, where we used to live during those days. My father used to work in a bank located just above his clinic. Whenever I would go there I used to see almost a kilometer long queue of bullock carts with the villagers sitting over them who wanted to show themselves to the doctor for their illnesses.
  • Chapter 35

    Story of a Doctor who Died of Cancer Despite Having been Very Kind to His Patients Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    The theory of karma tells that if we help somebody who may be in dire need of some help, we may not necessarily be helped by the same person whom we may have helped but the chances are we may get help from some other person whom we may not have helped at all in our life when we may need some help. This theory tells us why we should not abstain from helping people who may be passing through some crisis.

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