The present book on ‘‘Laplace and Fourier Transforms’’ has been written as a textbook according to the latest guidelines and syllabus in Mathematics issued by the U.G.C. for various universities. The text of the book has been prepared with the following salient features: (i) The language of the book is simple and easy to understand. (ii) Each topic has been presented in a systematic, simple, lucid and exhaustive manner.
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    Chapter 1 - Laplace Transforms Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    The Laplace transform* of a suitably defined function f of a real variable t is a related function F of a real variable s. The use of Laplace transforms provide a powerful method of solving differential and integral equations.

  • Chapter 5

    Chapter 2 - Inverse Laplace Transforms Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    We have already noted that the main purpose of studying Laplace transforms is for solving various types of differential equations. During the process of solving a differential equation, we shall also require to find a function when its Laplace transform is known.

  • Chapter 6

    Chapter 3 - Solution of Integral Equations Using Laplace Transformation Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Integral equations occur very frequently in the fields of mechanics and mathematical physics. The development of the theory of integral equations began with the works of Italian mathematician V. Volterra (1896) and the Swedish mathematician I. Fredholm

  • Chapter 7

    Chapter 4 - Solution of Systems of Differential Equations Using the Laplace Transformation Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    In the present chapter, we shall study the method of solving a system of differential equations using Laplace transformations of functions. Our knowledge of finding Laplace transforms and inverse Laplace transforms would help us to solve the systems of differential equations.

  • Chapter 8

    Chapter 5 - Fourier Transforms Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Fourier* transforms play an important part in the theory of many branches of science. The use of Fourier transforms is indispensible in solving the problems in the field of mathematics, physics and engineering. Many types of integrals and differential equations can be solved by using Fourier transforms.

  • Chapter 9

    Chapter 6 - Solution of Differential Equations Using Fourier Transforms Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    When the function involved in a physical (or geometrical) problem involves more than one independent variable, a partial differential equation is obtained. The solution of this partial differential equation gives the required function. Fourier transforms are a very important tool in solving such partial differential equations.

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