Are food shows simply entertaining or do they actually motivate people to cook? Photo Credit: gamerscoreblog via VisualHunt

Addicted To Cooking Shows On Tv? You Probably Look But Don’t Cook

By, Simona Terron

I overhear them in the coffee shops, discussing whether this contestant’s crème brûlée deserved to get them back in the competition or whether that celebrity chef’s criticism of a participant’s fusion dish was too harsh. I seek refuge in a book store only to find a shopper demanding to know why they don’t stock the latest bestselling tome on ‘50 ways to use some exotic ingredient’ in the Food section. I flee into a bar hoping some cocktails and throbbing music beats will quell these manic cuisine-related discussions surrounding me. Only to witness a silly drunken argument erupt in the washroom over the correct pronunciation of quinoa. Seriously? Is everyone suddenly some kind of gourmet expert? Is this some weird ‘foodie’ apocalypse someone forgot to inform me about?

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