Leadership coach, change catalyst and bread-making teacher based in Goa, Sujit Sumitran receives visitors from all over the world who come to him for a day-long workshop on the basics of making bread from scratch. They arrive as participants who have signed up for this workshop, then proceed to sip wine, break bread and enjoy a home-cooked meal as they share stories in the quest for the perfect loaf, and leave as friends. I had the delightful opportunity to speak with him and he left me with more to chew on than his delicious and artistic baked creations. Find out about Sujit, his Yellow Submarine, his workshops, and the unique experience of him combining his passion for baking bread with his passion for helping people grow in his bread-n-butter job as leadership coach. Pay special attention to the part where he sheds light on the parallels between baking bread and breaking bad habits in order to take charge of your life.

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Simona Terron