Scott & Andy showing off their delish products at an Afters Ice Cream outlet Photo Credit: Afters Ice Cream Instagram page Lifestyle

Who Here Hasn’t Yet Heard Of Milky Buns?

by Simona Terron  |  27-January-2017
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Milky buns by Afters ice cream, which was inspired by Asian-Americans Scott Nghiem and Andy Nguyen’s fondest childhood-memory food is basically artisanal ice-cream stuffed inside a warm donut. This became an instant hit (think obsession of the ‘cronut’ scale magnitude) in California, with even Ryan Seacrest endorsing it on social media and people lining up around the block to buy it in the wee hours even in the dead of winter (Ok California winter, but still). Read about their inspiring and fun success story and how they imprinted themselves on the fast food landscape.

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