At the Shanthi Gramam home for leprosy patients in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India Photo Credit: Simona Terron

When Being Silly Is Serious Business – Humanitarian Clowns Change Lives

By, Simona Terron

I hear the word ‘clown,’ and I immediately think of a circus or a birthday party. The funny hair, colorful costume, big red nose and floppy shoes making me smile while the clown delights and entertains me with magic tricks and gag surprises. But for people who are terminally ill, shunned from society for being leprosy patients, or even those who are largely forgotten due to their social status as abandoned orphans or mentally ill senior citizens, there are some very special clowns at work in some parts of the world. They call themselves Humanitarian Clowns and they make it their mission to spread happiness, love and cheer among those who need it more than anyone. Get to know about these folks who replace tears with smiles and heal the souls of people in physical, mental and emotional pain.

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