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Outlook is India’s No.1 Magazine for General Interest. It is a weekly magazine which has articles and content written on politics, technology, sports business, money, stock markets, current affairs and multiple other general interest categories. Outlook is a part of the Outlook group based out of Delhi and has been generating reader interest across multiple categories.It has bloggers and authors who write a lot of artilcles on food, health and fitness as well. There are essays, extracts, opinions, interviews and much more. The Outlook Group Editor –in-chief is Rajesh Ramchandran.



OUTLOOK TRAVELLER Outlook Traveller India is India’s No. 1 Travel Magazine from the Outlook Magazine Group. Traveller is the best Getaway guidebook in India. Users are constantly looking for exclusive travel getaway information and it has the turned to the best guidebook on travel in the last 15 . Outlook Traveller magazine has been bringing the best of India and the world to its loyal and discerning reader. It claims to be devotees of quirky, stylish and elegant writing and writers and contributors travel far, wide and deep to recount fabulous and honest tales that give travel enthusiasts unique and authentic insights into destinations from around the world. A joy to read and easy to use, outlook travel content is peerless and photographs are stunning.The guide strives to bring in a high level of travel writing and useful information that readers will love to read in their armchair, on a beach or upon a mountaintop!


OUTLOOK BUSINESS Outlook Business one of India’s Top Business Magazines from the Outlook Group. The Online presence of Outlook Business is very adequately filled with analysis/ excerpt reviews/ views from business leaders and experts. The best of India’s business, markets and the world have been loyal and discerning readers of the business community. Its easy to read, comprehend and readers find it super informative. The original and inimitable style is a joy to read. Outlook Business is reaching out the business leader, essentially the decision maker to enable him make better business decisions related to his category and business environment.


OUTLOOK MONEY Outlook Money is a personal finance specialist. It empowers our readers (print and digital) to make the best use of every rupee so that they can meet their financial goals through clear, comprehensive, credible and current information. Since its inception in 1998,Outlook Money has focused on consumer interest and benefits. Over different economic conditions, which pose threats and opportunities. Outlook Money magazine has remained focused to help readers optimize their outlook on money to achieve their financial outlook of money. Outlook Money from the Outlook group is not a stock market magazine, though stocks and mutual funds inevitably form a significant chunk. They not a business magazine, though the ups and downs of the corporate world will certainly impinge on various aspects of the articles that are written. Outlook Money is like none other in India; a personal finance specialist. It will help readers invest well, borrow wisely and spend smartly. It hopes to be their money manager, covering issues ranging from the best shares to buy (and the ones to sell and run) to the right insurance products for them from the most attractive savings instruments to products that offer them the best value for money, from clever tax breaks to planning for retirement.