Internship on Economics and Sustainability

Offered by


an initiative of the MP Ensystems Private Advisory Limited

What does PEAK Internship offer

  • Gain experiential learning opportunities to solve real world problems
  • Work on real-life problem statements related to:

Logistics in Agriculture

Access to sustainable energy

Public transportations systems

  • Learn and interact with global leaders and managers from renowned corporate, government and multilateral development organizations
  • Help boost the growth of the Indian Economy and create an impact in long term economic and environmental sustainability
  • On-location internship at specific organisations across India - for one week
  • Internship opportunity for students across disciplines to prepare them for the job market with certificate from PEAK


Program Construct

Program Flow

Prize Money

Eligibility Criteria

Students across all disciplines including

Internship Topics

Logistics in Agriculture

Create a business plan to improve logistics in community supported agriculture in India

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Business pitch for a solar photovoltaic plant

Public Transportation Systems

Analysis to re-launch public transportation post-COVID-19

Jury Members

Sanskriti Menon

Senior Programme Director, Centre for Environment Education, Transport and Development Sector Expert

Sanket Sarang

Founder and Chief of Products at BlobCity, Technology Expert

Reema Sathe

Founder, Happy Roots, Agriculture Expert

Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi

Founder, Glossaread Media and Startup Expert

Amit Oke

Investment Banker with expertise in Energy sector, Financing Expert


Ira Prem

Project Director, MP Ensystems Advisory, Sustainability Policy & Economics Expert

Dr. Mahesh Patankar

MD, MP Ensystems Advisory, Renewable Energy and Development Sector Expert

Career Opportunities


Who can hire you?

  • Government Organizations
  • Research Organizations
  • Academia
  • NGOs
  • Development Organizations
  • Private-Sector Organizations and Corporates
  • Start-ups and Consulting Organizations


PEAK is an initiative of the MP Ensystems Private Advisory Limited, a niche energy and environmental sector consultancy and advisory firm.