The NDA government which came to power in May 2014, has announced a slew of measure to promote the defence industry in India Photo credit: Secretary of Defense via Visualhunt / CC BY Politics

Make In India-defence Manufacturing: How Defence Procurement Policy (dpp) 2016 Helps

by Brig Sunil Gokhale  |  09-November-2016
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A sea change has been witnessed in the functioning of the Defence Ministry for some time, now. The best reflection of the changed environment is the new Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2016. Brig Sunil Gokhale analyses the new parameters that the DPP 2016 has enunciated and is of the opinion that the Indian Defence Industry has a level playing field to conduct its business now. There are improvements possible and unfinished jobs yet like defining the Strategic Partnership model. Hopefully, these will be addressed, shortly. The author sums up his assessments by providing a few catalysts to boost defence production.

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