The stories and such like collected in this book were written between 1989 and 2007. Within those 18 years I grew from a teenage schoolboy to a college graduate to a young adult in the corporate workforce, going onto to spend the better half of a decade as a journalist, and finally moving into corporate roles. The stories are of different places, different times, different societies, and yet they are all about human experience as seen from within and expressed as a continuous dialogue with self. The liberties with language, form, syntax and the like are deliberate mostly, but having said that: all errors are entirely my own doing.
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  • Chapter 1

    Imagination Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    In July 1984, I found myself on the last bench of an eighth standard classroom in the Union Academy School in Delhi. It was quite a fall from the fourth row bench in St. Joseph’s High School in Juhu, Mumbai. But I had little choice – my dad had just been transferred to Delhi and the last bench was all that was available........
  • Chapter 2

    The Perfect Dive Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    The perfect dive is a corner of the universe where your mind, body, and soul come together to find peace in the understanding that you don’t have to understand everything, that you don’t have to control everything......
  • Chapter 3

    The Cubicle, The Chair, and The Coffee Mug Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    In my third year of employment, I got a shock.......
  • Chapter 4

    Noise, Sweet Noise Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    My eyes opened to silence and darkness. My hair was wet. The pillow was damp underneath the back of my head. I lay on the bed, letting my eyes get used to the darkness.......
  • Chapter 5

    The Trail Home Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    It was there somewhere up ahead. I couldn’t see it yet, but I knew it was there, the peak. I was on a path that eventually climbed up to Shaali Tibba, where a small temple stood guard over the vast mountain ranges in the vicinity......
  • Chapter 6

    At the End of the Day Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    This country is going to the dogs. No. It’s going to the cats actually. And that’s why I have decided to have an ant for a pet. Ants are cute. They mind their own business and don’t require too much maintenance......
  • Chapter 7

    The Real Beast Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    I currently live in Pune. I rent an apartment in an area that was rather quiet till about a couple of years ago. I suppose in comparison to many other parts of the city, Paramhansnagar (off Paud Road) is still pretty quiet. We have our share of robberies, mishaps, joys, adventures, but on the whole, it is quieter because it is away from the main road and its cacophony......
  • Chapter 8

    The Milkman Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    I have always envied those who can wake up at unwakely hours such as five in the morning and still retain their sense of humour.....
  • Chapter 9

    Copyright Notice Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Copyright © 2015 by Sanjay Mahendrakumar Mukherjee

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