A Lady’s guide to iOS 10 Technology

A Lady’s Guide To Ios 10

by Sangeeta Angela  |  09-November-2016
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Apple’s iOS 10 has been made female friendly but many women don’t bother with the latest technological news, let alone find out the latest updates in their phones, with our multitasking lives demanding so much of our time, with our studies, our husbands, our careers, our kids, their schools, their play dates and our chores. Many of us don’t get time to exercise, where is the time to buff on technological news? iMessage, the new magnifier, the new woman emojis, the music playlists to suit the days of the week, the softer touch and an unlimited tab bar on safari are all but a few of the updates that are about to bring your phone back into being your best friend. This is your one stop guide, showing how your latest update on your iPhone or iPad may make you forget your favourite apps. Here’s a look at the latest iOS with a feminine twist.

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