About Us


One day as the founding team was renewing their monthly subscriptions for a few magazines they wondered: why could we not simply buy one article of The Economist instead of paying for the entire magazine? We hardly consume all the content that we subscribe for.

They could buy a single song from iTunes 

They could get one episode of Downton Abbey at Amazon Prime 

So, what if people who subscribed to a whole lot of content, premium TV channels, magazines, journals could just create their own piece of ala carte content and not really get stuck with subscriptions & pay just for what they consume?

It seemed logical!!

But not many were offering single articles/ content pieces for sale.

And that spurred “Glossaread” under the registered name of Glossaread Technologies Pvt Ltd.

The teams hopes to create a platform that will be a one stop shop for consumers to purchase single article of content relevant to you and create your own information playlist.

-- Students in professionally skilled courses like Medicine, Law, Engineering can buy single chapters of very costly reference books

--Working professionals can buy just the data in bits from prohibitively expensive entire research reports 

--You can choose to follow particular exclusive content types from bloggers, columnists, analysts, advisors and purchase their insights at a fraction of the cost of an entire magazine

At Glossaread, you can choose & pay for what you really need & create your information playlist. Glossaread’s consumers will have their own wallets to pay out of through “Glossaread Wallet” and will have their own personalized experience of using a Payment Gateway.


Team & Belief


Glossaread has been founded by a team of 2, Miloni R Bhatt and Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi. The duo is an extremely passionate team having understood the gaps of consumer experience of content consumption.

They believe that content will play a critical role in a manner its getting consumed. Ad free content will play an increasingly important role for the consumers and hence the rise of the ad blocker eco system.

They believe that consumers’ day parts are full of things like work, family, kids, travel, social commitments and leaves them with little time to consume all the content that they end of buying.

At the far end, Content Creators will shift the power of the value of content from the advertisers to back onto themselves. Consumers will pay for content validating its quality as the quintessential measure of a content creator.