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Dear Student

Find all your Professors' Notes/ MCQs/ Question Banks/ Model Solved Papers/ PPTs and all things related to your course structure as prescribed by your syllabus from the University, at a single place, The Glossaread Intranet.

Glossaread has got on board the best and top professors from your University and has collated the most exclusive material for you designed by them, now, for you to study and clear your exams.  You will have the best in class and most updated exam material content, tailor made and suited to most of your course requirements.

The material is divided as per your course structure . You dont have to go all over looking for it anymore . No more waiting for the library book or running after senior's notes or photocopying volumes of sheets of papers.  This is effortless and cheaper and helps you study EXACTLY what is needed, all of it at one place.

 It helps save the environment and helps you carry no books at all. 

For further queries please write in to us : [email protected] or use our chat app