Bill Nygren’s 46th floor office on Chicago’s South Wacker Drive has its fair share of what seems like random modern art. At first sight, the piece installed right behind his desk looks like a ticker tape, perhaps, of his initial stock holdings. The sofa cushions, too, have a ticker print. On the wall facing him is a vibrant reverse-painted Plexiglas art work, seemingly with no particular theme. Or so we thought. Curiosity helps, be it in investing or journalism. And we discover that all of them are puzzles, which we could not have solved unaided. The paintings turn out to be logos of fast food chains, and the ticker has a profound message for investors. Nygren, who is the chief investment offi cer for US equities at Harris Associates, oversees about $27 billion through the Oakmark Select, Oakmark Fund and Oakmark Global Select and surely lives and breathes that ticker message as we realise during our meeting. Nygren is the rare value manager to have identified the potential in technology stocks early enough, buying into them soon after they met the ‘value’ criteria. He bought into Amazon before it became the sensation it is now and Alphabet, Oracle & Apple continue to be among his top holdings.