Accounting is very much essential for successful operations of all business concerns. Accounting information provides valuable guidance to the management specifically for the decision-making activities. Anna University has introduced MBA and MCA courses. It has rightly incorporated one paper on Financial and Management Accounting in the first semester of this course. This book has been specifically designed for the students of MBA and MCA courses according to the revised syllabus. And it is also helpful to the beginners of accounting.
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  • Chapter 1

    Introduction to Accounting Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    he ultimate aim of any business is to earn a profit. Profit earning is not an easy task. For earning a profit the businessman will purchase the goods in one place at certain price and sell it at another place at higher price than the purchase price or convert the raw material into finished products and sell them to various customers at a certain price which will give some percentage of margin on cost of production. But, this may not be true in all cases, because the goods produced or purchased may go out of fashion or competitors may enter the market.
  • Chapter 2

    Basic Records Maintained by a Business Concern Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Small organisations have only limited transactions and they maintain very few basic accounting records such as journal book, ledger and a cash book. But in the case of large scale business organisation, they have a wider number of transaction....
  • Chapter 3

    Revenue Recognition and Measurement Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    For the purpose of preparing fair and true financial statement of the company, it has to take the correct decision about the revenue for the period....
  • Chapter 4

    Preparation of Final Accounts Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    The scope and importance of accounting is to provide variable information about a business enterprise to those persons who are directly or indirectly interested in the progress, performance and financial position of the concern...
  • Chapter 5

    Fund Flow Statement Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    The traditional concept of profit and loss account and balance sheet has a limited role to play in financial analysis....
  • Chapter 6

    Cash Flow Statement Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Cash contributes significant role in the entire economic activities of the business world. And at the same time, cash is not only essential for business, but is also essential for each and every activity of human life....
  • Chapter 7

    Ratio Analysis Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Ratio is simply a number expressed in terms of another. It refers to the numerical or quantitative relationship between two variables that are comparable. It is a comparison of the numerator with the denominator....
  • Chapter 8

    Fixed Assets and Depreciation Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    At the time of commencement of business, the owner of the organisation can invest money into the concern as assets....
  • Chapter 9

    Cost Accounting Cost Sheet Accounting for Manufacturing Cost Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Financial Accounting concentrates in the preparation of Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Profit and Loss Account shows the net profit of the organisation....
  • Chapter 10

    Job Costing Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Normally, job order industries engage in production based upon the customers’ orders. Each and every job has its own features and requires a special attention....
  • Chapter 11

    Process Costing Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Process costing is one of the important methods of costing. This method of costing is normally applicable to the different processes involved while converting a raw material into finished product when the raw material has passed through different stages before completion...
  • Chapter 12

    Activity Based Costing Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Activity Based Costing is the new approach of cost accounting. Under the Activity Based Costing costs are first found out to the activities and then to products. It focuses on activities performed to produce products..
  • Chapter 13

    Inventory Pricing and Valuation Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    The term inventory generally refers to stock or stock in trade....
  • Chapter 14

    Standard Costing Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    The standard cost is a predetermined cost which determines what each product or service should cost under given operational conditions. Simply speaking standard cost is an expected cost of producing one unit...
  • Chapter 15

    Management Accounting Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Financial accounting had started at an earlier times along with the development of trade activities. The ultimate aim of the financial accounting is to supply financial information to the outsiders and also to prepare final account....
  • Chapter 16

    Marginal Costing Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Marginal costing is one of the techniques of costing just like other methods of costing viz. job or process costing...
  • Chapter 17

    Relevant Cost for Decision Making Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Decision making is the process of choosing the best course of action among the various alternative courses since if there is no choice, there is no decision to take. Generally, a decision always focuses on the future prediction...
  • Chapter 18

    Budget and Budgetary Control Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Budget is not only essential for government and various business organisations but also for the individuals. So, every one is very familiar with the budgeting...
  • Chapter 19

    Inflation Accounting Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Generally, Trading account, Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheets are prepared for the purpose of presenting the financial position of the concern and displaying the operational results achieved during an accounting period...
  • Chapter 20

    Human Resources Accounting Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Recognising human being as an asset is an old one. From the observation of Indian History, it is evident that Emperor Akbar gave importance to the nine jewels. Freedom fighters in India like Shri Motilal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru cannot be removed from the historical pages of freedom movement of India.
  • Chapter 21

    Responsibility Accounting Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    One of the foremost uses of management accounting is the managerial control. Among the various control techniques, responsibility accounting’ plays a significant role...
  • Chapter 22

    Financial Management Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Financial Management refers to the total managerial effort for the management of sources and uses of the financial activities of the enterprises...
  • Chapter 23

    Dividend Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Dividend is the part of profits of the company which is distributed among its shareholders on the basis of their shareholding. It should be distributed according to decisions taken and resolution passed in the shareholders’ meeting as well as meeting of Board of Directors...
  • Chapter 24

    Cost of Capital Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Cost of capital is one of the corner stones of the theory of financial management but it is a controversial topic in finance..
  • Chapter 25

    Capital Structure Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    A company, in order to have successful operation, needs adequate amount of capital...
  • Chapter 26

    Working Capital Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    The first and foremost objective of the financial management is to maximise the wealth of shareholders. It is possible only when the company earns sufficient profit...
  • Chapter 27

    Capital Budgeting Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    In the industrial and business world, all the business organisations and industries cannot have surplus money at all the times...
  • Chapter 28

    Computerised Accounting Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Computer is an Electronic Data processing machine which can do various works and at the same time quickly and accurately...
  • Chapter 29

    QUESTION PAPERS Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points

    Question Papers
  • Chapter 30

    Appendix Price 0.20  |  0.2 Rewards Points


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